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Braithwaite Park
/ Pukete Pa

River Plan Objective: To promote the enjoyment of a neighbourhood park and the river.

River Plan Projects:

  • Transform the Pukete pedestrian bridge into a planted ‘garden bridge’
  • Improve the jetty for future transport use
  • Provide additional carparking
  • Provide public facilities such as toilets
  • Provide signs for way finding and telling the river’s stories
  • Commemorate Pukete Pa as outlined in the Maaori Landmarks on Riverside Reserves Management Plan

History: Braithwaite Park is named after Rod Braithwaite who was a former Mayor of Hamilton.

Maaori significance: Pukete was a fortified pa, believed to be built by the Nga Iwi tribe. Ngati Koura, a sub tribe of Ngati Wairere conquered the Nga Iwi tribe and took over the pa. The name Pukete is derived from a type of kete (bag) used to collect hinau berries. The area was renowned for the manufacture of the pukete kete.

Use: Braithwaite Park is in a developed residential area. It incorporates wide expanses of open space, on sloping land down to the river with planted esplanade reserve along the river. It includes an off-lead dog exercise area, landscaping and a path network that includes the Te Awa/Te Araroa pathway. There is a recently completed cycleway path with connection to the north along Te Awa River Ride cycleway.

Create opportunity for river transport
Wide expanses of open space connected by a ‘garden bridge’