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Central city

The central city provides the River Plan with an exciting opportunity to transform the way Hamilton and the river connect.

The central city provides the River Plan with the primary opportunity to transform the way Hamilton connects to the river.

There is considerable potential for new development in this part of the river, without losing the natural beauty of the river reserve.

The overall objective is to better connect the central city to the river, in particular from Claudelands Bridge to Victoria Bridge, and to develop a circuit with connections along and across the river. 

The focal point is Ferrybank, where there will be significant change, and each part of the central city will add to the enjoyment and experience of the river.

  • Ferrybank/Roose Commerce Park area
  • Park/Reserve
  • Existing buildings
  • Proposed development areas
  • Proposed pedestrian bridge zone
  • Existing and future walkway and cycleway connection
  • Links between the city and the river
  • 1Mixed-use development site
  • 2Opoia medium-density housing zone with boardwalk and cafe
  • 3Garden Place
  • 4Cafe or tourism development sites in Memorial Park or Parana Park
  • 5Parana Park
  • 6Memorial Park
  • 7Arts Post proposed development site
  • 8Waikato Museum
  • 9Mighty River Power building
  • 10Mixed-use commercial, community, recreation and tourism development zone, with Waikato River Centre
  • 11Sports centre area with redeveloped boat sheds
  • 12New Memorial Park
  • 13Medium-density housing zone