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Claudelands Bridge to
Fairfield Bridge

River Plan Objective: To provide links along and to the river. 

River Plan Projects:

  • Maintain an experience of natural landscapes and planting 
  • Develop a vegetation management plan to balance accessibility and views with the natural vegetation 
  • Work with land and building owners to develop a positive relationship between the city and the river, including artwork and new construction 
  • Commemorate Kirikiriroa Pa outlined in the Maaori Landmarks on Riverside Reserves Management Plan 
  • Provide directional signs
  • Create safe and accessible boardwalks and pathways at river level
  • Provide places for access to the river
  • Provide improved access to paths and boardwalks along the river bank from adjoining residential areas 
  • Provide information about the places of significance

History: The riverside land in this area was designated Council reserve between 1974 and 2005. 

Maaori significance:  Located on the western bank, London and Bryce Streets were the historic site of Kirikiriroa Pa. Kirikiriroa was a Pa Whakairo (pa with carved palisades). It was half oval shape, in shape with the river bank as the flat side and the curved from of the pa stretching from London Street to Claudelands Road. The pa was fortified by ditch and mound structures which were unfortunately destroyed during the early development of Hamilton.

Use: This area covers a mix of central city commercial activity and river front residential living.

Improved paths and connections
Experience of natural landscape and the natural beauty of the river