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Days' Park and
Swarbricks Landing

River Plan Objective: To enhance this neighbourhood park and its connection with the river and to improve the school rowing facility at the park. 

River Plan Projects:

  • Work with St Paul’s Collegiate School for the redevelopment of rowing facilities
  • Improve access from the park to the beach 
  • Provide signs for way finding and telling the river’s stories
  • Continue to enhance planting and river bank treatment
  • Create a pedestrian link across the river to connect with the river pathways and golf course 
  • Improve parking

History: Days’ Park was originally owned by the Day family as part of their farm.

Maaori significance: The undulating nature of the park is a result of the ancient kumara pits which were once prolific in this area. 

Use: Days’ Park is a very popular off-lead dog exercise area frequented by families and dog lovers. There is access to a river beach and a swimming area used by dogs and people. There are many interconnecting paths as well as planted areas and memorial seats for the public to enjoy, with good links to the surrounding residential neighbourhoods. There is a building situated on the beach area, owned by St Paul’s Collegiate School. A short distance further north from Days’ Park is Swarbricks landing, which has a toilet, car park area and jetty. It is a popular place for caravan food vendors. Swarbricks landing also provides car parking for Days’ Park.

A community park enjoyed by many residents (and their dogs!)
Redeveloped school rowing facilities