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Hamilton East

River Plan Objective: To enhance connections from Hamilton East to the river and central city.

River Plan Projects:

  • Connect Hamilton East to the central city by a pedestrian bridge
  • Develop the Hamilton East Neighbourhood Vision Plan
  • Enable and encourage development on the river side of Grey Street, Cook Street and Clyde Street
  • Enhance river views
  • Rejuvenate New Memorial Park as a destination small park
  • Extend and enhance the Hamilton East Heritage Trail
  • Provide signs for way finding and telling the river’s stories
  • Enhance connections to the river from Von Tempsky Street

History: Hamilton East is one of Hamilton’s oldest suburbs. From the 1870s until the mid-20th century, Hamilton East was known by some as ‘Irishtown’. A significant number of the militiamen who settled there were of Irish descent. Hamilton East’s main street, Grey Street, was originally destined to be the main street of Hamilton. Evidence of planning for the centre of the village can be seen in the ‘village square’ concept of Steele Park and English trees along Grey Street.

Use: Hamilton East’s primary commercial and retail area is located along Grey Street. Hamilton East is characterised by villas and bungalows built early in the 20th century. Hamilton East backs onto the river but access from Grey Street is poor and is a lost opportunity to embrace the river.

Enable and encourage development on the river side of Grey Street, Cook Street and Clyde Street
Connect Hamilton East to the central city by a pedestrian bridge