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Hamilton Gardens /
Te Parapara Pa

River Plan Objective: To improve the connection between Hamilton Gardens and the river and the central city.

River Plan Projects:

  • Support the Master Plan for the Hamilton Gardens, which includes river focused projects such as the jetty below the Renaissance Casino and the riverside Tudor Garden, Concept Garden and Picturesque Garden.
  • Improve links along the river for boats, cycling and pedestrians
  • Continue to develop the venues at the Hamilton Gardens for events and festivals
  • Enhance the experience of the river path with sculpture
  • Increase connectivity with Peacocke including road and pedestrian bridge

History: In 1960, four acres of what had been Hamilton East Town Belt was passed over to the Council for the purposes of a public garden.

In 1971 a rose garden was established and named after Dr Denis Rogers, Mayor of Hamilton from 1959 to 1968. In the 1970s a new concept for Hamilton Gardens was developed where the focus was to be on garden design, rather than on botanical science. This concept has been developed for over forty years into the world class experience we have today.

Maaori significance: Te Parapara Pa was located in what is now known as Hamilton Gardens. The pa was occupied by Ngati Wairere. The garden was renowned as a site of sacred rituals associated with harvesting food crops. There stood a Tuahu (sacred altar) called Te Ikamauroa at the pa.

Use: The Hamilton Gardens is the Waikato’s most popular visitor attraction, with over one million visitors and over seven hundred events each year. The Council is fast-tracking development at the gardens to complete five themed gardens and improve visitor facilities over the next four years.

Improve connections from the Hamilton Gardens to the river and the central city
´┐╝World class garden that enhances the city’s identity