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Hayes Paddock /
Wellington Street Beach

River Plan Objective: To create a safer swimming experience on the river and enhance this special neighbourhood park.

River Plan Projects:

  • Create the city’s best beach and a swimming feature on the river
  • Upgrade the riverbank for safe access and seating
  • Provide a safe jetty for river boats
  • Upgrade the toilet facilities
  • Upgrade exercise equipment and family recreation spaces
  • Install night lighting along the pathway
  • Continue to improve the link between the central city and Hamilton Gardens
  • Provide signs to describe the significance and history of the park

History: This park is named after Hayes farm which covered the surrounding area. In the 1960s and 70s swimming was encouraged at Wellington Street beach and changing rooms and toilets were constructed. The changing rooms are now used for canoe storage.

Maaori Significance: Te Moutere O Koipikau Pa was constructed on Graham Island in the middle of the river near Hayes Paddock. It held a carved Pataka (food house) named Koipikau,which is believed to have been constructed during the time of Hotumauea and Hanui.

Use: Hayes Paddock incorporates wide open spaces with planted esplanade reserve and is used as a through route on the walkway/cycleway connection to Hamilton Gardens. The beach at Wellington Street is located at this reserve and is used for swimming during the summer. It is the city’s most popular river swimming location.

Wide open spaces with planted esplanade reserve
The city's most popular river swimming location