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St Andrews Golf Course

River Plan Objective: To provide a premier golf experience with a strong connection to the river and to open up the park and its facilities for greater public use.

River Plan Projects:

  • Enable Hamilton Golf Club to build a multi-purpose facility including clubhouse, near the river that has access to the river path
  • Encourage non-golfers to use the new facility and public space
  • Provide improved access via the river path for the enjoyment of everyone in the community
  • Consider the feasibility of medium density development on the site of the existing clubhouse

History: The Council reserve land was leased to golf clubs as early as 1913.

Maaori significance: The area where the present day St Andrews golf course is located was known as Mata Kauoki. Mata Kauoki was situated between two main pa, Pukete pa and Matakanohi and was a Papakainga to the people of Ngati Koura and Ngati Wairere. Mata Kauoki was an area that was intensively gardened. Burrow pits from the Mata Kauoki gardens are still visible today on some areas of the St Andrews golf course.

Use: The golf course is leased to Hamilton Golf Club for the purposes of providing Hamilton’s premier eighteen hole golf course. Each year it holds many golf tournaments for members and invited guests. The club makes the course available to green fee paying visitors. The river path runs along the edge of the golf course on river reserve land.

Premier quality golf course in Hamilton
Improved public access and amenity