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Ferrybank Development Plan

16 February 2016

Wraight Athfield Landscape and Architecture has been selected to lead a team of architects, landscape designers, planners and engineering experts to provide a detailed development plan for the Ferrybank.

Councillors today endorsed the recommendation from a expert evaluation panel, which chose the group over a team led by Chow:Hill Architects. Rob Kerr, who heads the evaluation panel, says he is confident the Wraight Athfield design will provide the basis for the creation of a new destination which will support the transformation of the central city.

"The evaluation team worked hard to understand the implications of each proposal, and looked behind the drawings and to see actually how the concept plans will work in practice and ultimately provide the framework for Hamilton to realise its vision for Ferrybank as a vibrant, iconic and special part of the city," he says.

Wraight Athfield, an architectural, landscape architectural and urban design practice based in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, will work with two local partners - Antanas Procuta Architects (now known as Procuta Associates Urban + Architecture or PAUA) and Tonkin and Taylor engineers. The other team members are A Stafford & Associates Pty Ltd, McIndoe Urban and Stantiall Studios. The team will receive $150,000 to deliver the detailed development plan for approval by councillors in August.

Mayor Julie Hardaker says the design for development of the Ferrybank and Roose Commerce Park areas is a major project under the River Plan and the public is very excited about seeing the detailed design.

“Over the next six months how this space will look in detail and the projects required to deliver it as Hamilton’s premier river destination will be revealed through this process," she says. "This development plan will form the basis for projects over the coming decades, so it’s a very important phase of the River Plan.”

Wraight Athfield Directors Megan Wraight and John Hardwick Smith say the team's design will allow the Ferrybank area to become the premier recreation and social space in Hamilton with connections to both the central city and the Waikato River.

"Our design approach works closely with the attributes of the site - the river, the landscape terraces between the river and the city, the existing large trees and various buildings of value across the site. The design of new landscape and building elements will integrate with this, responding to and supporting both riverside and city edge activities. It will be developed in partnership with local stakeholders and reflect local interests and stories. This is a landscape for the people of Hamilton that will connect the river with the city.”

There are various commercial development opportunities proposed in the plan, including high quality space for lease offering good access, visibility and integration with the street, along with parking. 

The team will work with PAUA to undertake consultation and assist in the integration of the design into its local context. They say their design is a framework that will be developed in response to ongoing conversation with the Council, iwi and local stakeholders over the next few months.

The Wraight Athfield design proposes:

  • a series of interconnected terraces, using the sloping contours of the site
  • a public promenade, park enhancements and a Waikato River/Te Awa Waikato Centre
  • new destination playground next to the Celebrating Age Centre
  • pedestrian and cycle bridge north of Waikato Museum
  • new buildings integrated into the landscape of the Ferrybank and neighbouring Roose Commerce Park.

Carried: 7 votes - 4
‚ÄčAgainst: Councillors Macpherson, King, Mallett and Green
Absent:  Councillors Wilson and Pascoe

Download or view the winning concept design (PDF, 25MB)