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Implementation and timeframe

This page identifies estimated timeframes applying to River Plan projects.

While the River Plan is a 30-year vision for the city, some projects will commence immediately and others will be delivered over the medium and long term. Over time the projects will be reviewed and updated.

Implementation of the River Plan is a shared responsibility between the Council, river partners, business and the  community. The River Plan’s success requires a combined effort from everyone.

The list of projects is not a comprehensive list. A number of the projects will require detailed feasibility studies, master planning and public consultation. Many of the projects will be staged and delivered as funding allows. There will be budgets developed and sources of funding secured

Implementation - Compliance and Consenting

The following projects enable the River Plan to be implemented.

  • Memorandum of Understanding
    Agreement between consenting authorities, legislative partners and those with authority over the river. This is important to set agreed parameters and streamlined processes for consenting.
  • Reserves Act/Reserves Act Management Plans/District Plan and Planning Rules Reviews
    To identify changes required to enable the River Plan to be implemented.
  • Development Guide
    A detailed manual to guide and enable development along the river.

Projects to commence immediately

Major projects, planning and design to commence immediately.

Ferrybank and Roose Commerce Park Development
Master Plan Develop a detailed development plan/ master plan for Ferrybank and Roose Commerce Park and its connections to the central city and Hamilton East. This includes identifying the location of commercial activity, tourism opportunities, a pedestrian bridge and plans for development of purpose built boat sheds, clubhouses, mixed-use facilities and social spaces
Braithwaite Park
Create a garden on Pukete pedestrian bridge
Hayes Paddock
Install an enhanced river swimming experience at Wellington Street Beach and redevelopment of the riverbank area and amenity facilities
Hamilton Gardens
Complete installation of the five gardens and a new jetty

Short-term projects

Projects that can be start in the next 1-3 years.

Vegetation Management Plan to guide and identify tree thinning and vegetation removal areas, future planting strategy and protection of viewing places and overall vegetation management along the length of the river.
Cycleway Plan to improve and expand existing walkways / cycleways along the length of the river and connections to Te Awa River Ride (commenced)
Develop a consistent design for street furniture and litter bins, a location map for placement and installation timeline
Support the Riff Raff/Embassy Park project (commenced)
Lighting, Design, Implementation and Timeline Plan to improve lighting at specific sites along the river
Signage Plan for innovative sign design and map for location of street directional and local wayfinding signs and place names
Update the Public Art Plan to include riverside public art locations and the sculpture walkway
Complete the Hamilton East Neighbourhood Plan
Implement Nga Tapuwae O Hotumauea the 2003 Maaori Landmarks on Riverside Reserve Management Plans

Medium and long-term projects

Medium Term means within the next 10 years. Long Term means within the next 20 years.
Some of these projects – or planning for them – could start immediately, depending on funding.

Develop a plan to become a City of Bridges” (bridge colour, structural decoration, names)
Develop riverside promenade-style boardwalks in the central city and Opoia
Complete construction of the promenade walkway on the upper riverbank level linking to the central city
Encourage building artwork to enhance the backs of river-facing buildings in the central city
Develop a plan for a sculpture walk on the central city river walkway
Develop a toilet facility location map and timeline for construction of public toilet facilities on the river walkway
Develop a drinking fountains location map and timeline for installation of public drinking fountains on the river walkway
Explore the future northern opportunity on the city’s boundary to connect with the river
Upgrade the Waikato Museum building to provide access from the river walkway
Undertake a jetty review to understand current state of them, options for enhancement, location, timeline for improvement/enhancement
Complete an update to the River Transport Report (completed in 2008)
Launch RiverConnect - a series of off-river route connection loops around and over the river (for walking, running and cycling)
Convert Council-owned houses in Memorial or Parana Park for hospitality/retail use
Develop a detailed plan for Memorial Park to include use of Council-owned houses, parking for oversized vehicles and hospitality
Open up the gunboat Rangiriri to greater public access
Construct a pedestrian and cycleway link across Claudelands Bridge
Investigate a pedestrian link from Swarbricks Landing and Days’ Park to the land around St Andrews Golf Course
Investigate a pedestrian link over the river into Peacockes